St. Leonard's Catholic Primary School

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   We Learn, Grow, Shine in the Light of Jesus

Our Aims

At St Leonard’s Jesus is our guiding light as we learn, grow and aim to achieve our best.

It is through his love and teachings that we are able to take pride in our progress, do better than our best, reach our true potential and shine.

Our school is a very special place. It is at the heart of the Parish Community of St Leonard’s RC Church. We are a family who love, care and support each other both within our school and our community. 

Every day we embark on a new journey of helping and supporting the children to be shining stars and achieve better than their best.

Our school aims help us to keep on track and support the school community in our efforts to stand out.

Our Aims

We seek to follow Jesus’ example and reflect our Catholic faith in our everyday life

This means:

•        Jesus at the centre of our community

•        Applying the Gospel values of love, honesty, integrity, respect and forgiveness to everyday life

•        Building on the foundations of faith which were started at home

•        Nurturing and leading the children to a deeper understanding of their faith

•        Allowing the children to develop a relationship with God through meaningful and relevant prayer, collective worship and liturgy

•        Developing ways of teaching the children about God in ways that are relevant to them

•        Celebrating the mass and sacraments together regularly

We aim to be a learning community, seeking to be a centre of excellence

This means:

•      Being of One Mind, One Voice and  having the belief that all children have the potential to achieve

•      Promoting a ‘can do culture’

•      Seeing learning and education as being synonymous

•      The school community working towards creating a positive learning environment

•      Developing growth mindsets

•      Using the vocabulary of learning and planning for the Non Negotiables – Empowering Learning

•      All staff see themselves as learners

•      Staff research, reflect regularly on their pedagogy, are self-critical and analytical about their practice

•      Staff are prepared to take risks and be innovative

We aim to provide a safe, happy, welcoming environment in which children can take responsibility, develop positive values and a sense of well being

This means:

•      We all follow the example of Jesus and live by the Gospel values

•      Everyone is approachable and shows a positive attitude towards each other

•      We follow the Golden Rules at all times

•      Behaviour and the management of behaviour is seen as the responsibility of all staff

•      Staff respond to behaviour incidents in a just and fair way – children are empowered to have their needs met and have their experience validated. When an incident occurs children who behave inappropriately are able to tell their version of events and given a chance to make amends

•      We develop a nurturing attitude towards each other to help everyone to reach their potential and beyond

•      We treat each person with dignity to show they are valued as individuals

•      We have listening systems which support staff, children and their families

•      We actively promote values of democracy,liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

We aim to provide a curriculum which is creative, memorable, stimulating, personalised and allows the children to explore and discover more about themselves and the world in which they live

This means:

•      The curriculum is relevant, interesting, exciting, challenging and celebrates various talents

•      It meets statutory requirements

•      The curriculum is connected, cohesive and allows for the development and application of skills

•      Basic skills are a high priority and taught in a way that is engaging

•      The teaching and planning ensures that the basic skills can be applied in ‘real life’ learning situations

•      Children develop emotionally, spiritually, morally, physically, intellectually and socially

•      The curriculum  is monitored for effectiveness and success

•      Learning is interactive

•      Children can understand the purpose of the tasks and are able to make the links with previous learning

•      Children can demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways and through a variety of media

•      Children are self motivated, work independently, collaboratively and confidently

•      Children develop curiosity which is the “engine of achievement” (Sir Ken Robinson)

•      The children develop as responsible citizens who are able to make a positive contribution to society

•      The curriculum is adapted to meet the needs of all the children and is therefore inclusive

We are aiming for excellence in teaching and learning

This means:

•      We plan appropriately and ensure lessons have clear objectives and the children know how to achieve success

•      Staff and children are effective questioners

•      Children develop as thinkers

•      Teachers will have excellent skills and subject knowledge in all areas of the curriculum

•      Teachers and support staff will have the highest expectations for everyone

•      Staff respond and provide valuable feedback enabling the children to see that errors are learning opportunities

•      Effective feedback leads to ‘Closing the Gap’ for the learners

•      Challenging targets are set and progress monitored

•      Children take ownership of their learning

•      Teachers know their children exceptionally well and they cater for individual needs and learning styles

•      Staff use the agreed whole school strategies, procedures and practices

•      Technology is used to enhance teaching and learning

•      Continuing Professional Development is provided to ensure all staff receive training, guidance and support to develop their teaching skills

•      There are regular opportunities for staff to reflect on their practice

We are committed to raising standards and accelerating progress and supporting children to achieve better than their best

This means:

•        Pupil progress is rigorously tracked

•        Challenging targets are set on the basis of effective analysis of all data available to us

•        Children are involved in the target setting progress and are given feedback at least termly through Assertive Mentoring sessions

•        Targets are shared with the school community and everyone knows and understands that all staff are responsible for the progress of all the children in school

•        Underachievers are identified early and effective intervention is put in to place to close the learning gap

•        Children who have an identified special educational need are supported appropriately to enable them to make progress

•        Attendance is monitored and issues addressed as poor attendance can impact on progress and well being

•        Formal and informal regular assessments are  used to inform planning and target setting

•        Peer assessment, pre and post learning assessment and a variety of other assessment strategies are used by staff and children

Parents, carers and the community are welcomed, valued and involved in supporting the children’s learning, progress and achievements

This means:

•        Providing a welcoming ethos so that parents and carers feel comfortable coming in to school

•        Communicating effectively and regularly

•        Supporting parents and carers in the education of their children in the Catholic faith

•        Engaging with parents and carers so that they are involved in their children’s learning

•        Providing guidance so that parents and carers know how to support the children in their learning

•        Providing regular, high quality feedback to parents and carers about their children’s progress

•        Making expectations clear

•        Working collaboratively 

We provide a safe, secure, healthy and stimulating environment which supports and celebrates the children’s their learning

This means:

•        Robust healthy and safety procedures which are monitored, reviewed and updated as appropriate

•        Thorough safeguarding procedures

•        Staff training is provided to ensure they are aware of safety measures and their appropriate management

•        Displays celebrate children’s work and also provide scaffolding for their learning

•        Our site is accessible and welcoming to all visitors and members of the community

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Core Values

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