St. Leonard's Catholic Primary School

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Curriculum Statement

Our curriculum has been designed to ensure that each and every child can ‘Learn, Grow and Shine in the Light of Jesus’ by offering creative and awe inspiring learning experiences with Christian values at its heart.

Our children have the potential to develop their spiritual, academic, social and emotional growth as we provide a curriculum in response to the needs of our children. By focusing on subject specific knowledge, skills and understanding as set out in the National Curriculum, we designed a curriculum that will develop learners who are:





and Independent.

The curriculum ensures that academic success, as well as physical development, wellbeing and mental health are prioritised to support the development of the whole child and promote a positive attitude to learning.

Through discovery and exploration, the children become motivated and engaged in their learning, enjoying the opportunities to deepen their thinking and apply their knowledge in different contexts.

Within our school family, children are nurtured to become aspirational individuals who will contribute to the community as life-long learners, following British Values and modelling the virtues of love, forgiveness and service given to us by Christ.


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