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Oak - Friday Finishing Fun 19-06-2020

We made it ... our first week back in school and a dfferent set up on the blog,

How are you all feeling?  Really well I hope.  Its time for your Friday Blog;

Mental Health and Wellbeing - do some mindful colouring or have a go at a wordle about the things you are looking forward to when you go to secondary school. What differences/similarities do you think there will be? 

You may not be able to access Wordle so, and I have this on good authority from Lukas, you can also do a word cloud on Word It Out! You could also try one of the sites on this link

Physical Activity - Get up and Dance.  Learn a new dance on tiktok or youtube and teach someone else the moves you learn.

Maths: Time to catch up. If you have done all the lessons this week then spend some time on TTRS. Visit IXL and have a go at some of the measurement exercises or Algebra (unless you have had enough).  Those who have been in school, you need to complete Thursday's lesson, remember.

English - Today I would like you to read for enjoyment, watch clips from another Shakespeare play on BBC Clips (not Macbeth as we will be doing that together) and do some creative writing.  You can write a short story about absolutely anything that takes your fancy... Go on, have a go! Can't wait to see what you write Year 6.  You know how much I enjoy reading your stories.

Project - Complete Session 3 from the powerpoint if you are able to access it. If you cannot, why not make a Guide to Year 6 for the Year 5 children coming up in September.

Most of all today, please enjoy your day.  Do something cool and enjoyable.  

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Love from

Miss Winter

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