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Oak Mighty Monday 22-06-2020

Good Morning Oak Class,

How was your weekend?  

Mental Health and Wellbeing activitiy - try some mindful colouring or make a mandala pattern of your own to work on this week and listen to some calm music or music that you enjoy. This activity should be about 30 minutes. You could pick one of these

Physical Activity suggestion - learn a dance on youtube or tiktok

Maths - Area and Perimeter - Mental Maths and answers

              Video -      activity sheet -

                           answers -

                                                                                        break time 

English - 

Watch - Oberon's Revenge Clip 5 -

Read - up to Scene 5.

Do - Perform a section of what you have read today. You will need to do 3 or 4 times until you get it right.  It is important to use the punctuation and rythmn of the lines to read it correctly and then to perform as it should be.  You can add to your glossary of unfamiliar words too.


Project -

Have a great day Oak Class 

Share with us what you are doing there at home if you like. 

Love From 

Miss Winter

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