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Oak - Terrific Tuesday 23-06-2020

Good Morning to you Oaksters,

What are we going to do today? I wonder...

Mental Health and Wellbeing activity - We started some mindful colouring yesterday as well as some drawing of characters from A Midsummer Night's Dream i.e Puck.  The children in school are also doing crosswords in the paper, wordsearch and sudoku. Why not have a try at one of those yourself at home. There is nothing like a puzzle to get the mind active whilst also enjoying some quiet time to think.

Physical Activity Suggestion - So hopefully you all had a go at learning a new TikTok dance yesterday.  It may be that you are still in the process of learning it.  I know from Twitter that Jack Booth is quite a smooth mover.  Jack's Mum sent a video in/posted a video of his new dance yesterday and we thoroughly enjoyed watching his progress.  It would be lovely to see you all learn a new dance today and send it in and I will video those in school so you can see them dancing too. 

Maths - let's start with a mental maths activity and the answers and your maths lesson today is;

Area of a triangle -   

Video -   activity sheet -     answers -

English -  

Watch - Clip 6 The lover's quarrel

Read - read the scripts and http://file:///media/fuse/drivefs-bd68ef5d744ac71dce69fe130eb239bb/root/school/MSND_Snappy_Shakespeare_Script.pdf and locate the parts that match the scene you have just watched. Read them aloud and practice.

Do - Draw a comparison chart with 3 columns 1. BBC Clip, 2. Script 1  3. Script 2.  You can do this in any form you wish to but you are going to choose aspects of the scene and then compare and contrast them in all 3 forms (the clip and the 2 scripts)

                                                                                                                                    Lunch time

Afternoon Activity - I have purchased a large wooden heart for the side of the summer house and each year 6 child will have a wooden luggage tag attached to the heart with their name and a little picture that can be a memory or something that symbolises you; - a rainbow, a flower, a bee etc.  Those at home, I would like you to nominate someone in school to do your tag for you.  You will need to let me know,  in an email,  who you would like to do your tag and what you want them to draw on it.  I would like you to do this as soon as you can please.

Project - We are going to do the powerpoints for 2 sessions this week. Today I would like you to work your way through the rest of session 4.

And lastly those girls who will be attending St Anthony's next year, make sure that you have had a look at the transition information on their website.  If you or your parents have any questions you can contact the head of year. 

Have a fun day of learning Year 6 

Love from 

Miss Winter

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