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Oak - Wonderful Wednesday 24-06-2020

Good Morning,

It is Wednesday already!  Can you believe it? Thank you to those who have nominated their person (Alex and Theo) to do their tag for the Wooden Heart.  Expect a phone call from a friend the rest of you.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Activity - Write a letter to someone you care about - tell them about what you have been doing and how you are feeling about anything that you wish to share with them. 

Physical activity suggestion - Create/Set up an obstacle course and then time yourself completing it.  Can you improve on your time, on a second go?

Maths - Area of a parallelogram   video -   activity sheet -   answers -

English - 

Watch - Clip 7 of A Midsummer Night's Dream - Lifting the Fog

Read - You are going to read the script and predict what might happen from what is implied and stated. Use both scripts to continue comparing and contrasting  http://file:///media/fuse/drivefs-bd68ef5d744ac71dce69fe130eb239bb/root/school/MSND_Snappy_Shakespeare_Script.pdf  and

Do - I would like you to look at a part of this section of the play. You may choose a section that stands out for you.  You are going to evaluate and edit your own work, in other words, rewrite - proposing changes to vocabulary, grammar and punctuation to enhance effects of the section and clarify meaning of the play. 


Afternoon Activities:  We have been making stick creations in school.  How about you give it a go too? its easy - You pick an animal or a shape and you create that shape out of sticks and natural materials.  Don't forget to share your work.  We'd love to see it! 

We also learned some new skills this afternoon - tennis skills.  What have you been doing?

Project: You should be starting Session 5 today but don't worry if you are still finishing Session 4 - Friday is a finishing off day, remember?

History - I would like you to pick a God and create a profile/biography for that God/Goddess. You should draw, write your information and present in any way  that you would like to - tri-fold, powerpoint. 

There is your blog for Wednesday.  Have a great day of learning. 

Love from 

Miss Winter and your friends in the bubbles here.

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