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Oak - Truly Fab Thursday 25-06-2020

Good Morning Oaksters!

Thursdays blog is here!  Are you following along?  I do hope so.  We are enjoying doing lots of activities here at school, mainly trying to get outside as much as we can.  Are you still watching your plants?  How are they doing?  Please share anything you think we would enjoy seeing via the school website or on twitter (if your parents use it). Remember sun cream again today all of you.  Its going to be another hot one

Mental Health and Wellbeing Activity - I would like you to choose a favourite memory of being part of the St. Leonards family. I would like you to write it down and share it with me.  You can illustrate it too.

Physical activity suggestion - How about we do some PE with Jo Wickes today?! login and keep active but do it this morning everyone as its going to be another hot one.

Maths - Volume of a cuboid   Video -  activity sheet -  answers -

English - 

Watch - Clip 8 

Read and Do - Today you are going to prepare to perform.  You will need to choose which part of this play you will perform and practice it more than once.  Think about volume, tone and your performance. I would love it if you would record yourself performing and then share it with us.


Afternoon - 

Project - finish session 5 today if you can.  The weather is going to be lovely so I understand you may not get to this and that is fine...that is what Friday is for - finsihing off.

We are going to be outside today and we are going to be looking at temperate biomes and tropical rainforests on our i-pads.  This will just be one of the activities we do outside.  What will you be doing?  Anything fun?

I look forward to seeing how you spend your day Year 6,

Have a fab day of learning and fun and BE FABULOUS!!!

Love from 

Miss Winter

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