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Oak - A 'Fait Accompli' Friday26-06-2020

Happy Friday Oak Class,

Another 4 days in school for us.  We certainly miss you at home.  

Mental Health and Wellbeing activity - It is time to wind down ready for the weekend.  Find some mindful music to listen to.  Something calming that you enjoy.  You could dow some colouring while you listen or just listen for a short amount of time.

Physical Activity suggestion - Try a repetitive action - bouncing a ball, keepy-ups, sit ups, anything you choose.  See how long you can keep going!

Maths - try some TTRS and IXL on Area and Perimeter.  It doesn't matter if you have already done this work on IXL. Practice is a good thing!

English - practice your part of A Midsummer Night's Dream.  You should have chosen your section for performance.  You could get someone to record your performance and share it with me.

Project - Time to finish off Sessions 4 and 5 please today.  The transition project is for your benefit really as it gives you the opportunity to really explore what it might be like at your new school.  Therefore, I urge you to look back at blogs posted recently and catch up with the sessions.  

I loved seeing Lewis' Greek God work.  He chose Hera.  Who will you choose or who have you chosen.  Today is the day to complete this task and share with your classmates in school.

I want you all to have an absolutely wonderful weekend.  You have lots to keep you occupied. Those of you at home remember to nominate someone in school to do your tag for the wooden heart.  I have only heard from 3 of you.  That leaves 8 who need to let me know.  Please do that on Monday.  Thank you!

Love from 

Miss Winter

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