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Oak - Macbeth on Monday 29-06-2020

Good Morning Oaksters!

How was your weekend.  Happy Monday!  Are you ready to read Macbeth this week?  Yes Oak Class...another Shakespeare play.  You will be ready for Year 7 if its the last thing I do Hahahahaha

Your blog for today;

Mental Health and Wellbeing activity - Monday's mindful colouring

Physical Activity - TikTokTime!  who is with Jack on learning a new dance today? He did so well last week Go Booth! Go Booth! Also go for a walk and get up and move regularly Year 6 - Don't want to seize up now!

Maths - ~Introducing the ratio symbol or try the alternative work if you feel confident with ratio

video -

Work activity -

and the answers

English - Meet the characters of Macbeth Part 1

Watch the clip on meeting the characters and write a paragraph about who Macbeth is.  You could draw an outline of him or have a go at drawing him then surround him with all your thoughts about his character.


Afternoon activities - We are going to be completing our bunting on The Story of Creation and our stones with a wildlife animal on them.  Will you join us and have a go?  You could use permanent markers to draw on anything you wish.  Give it a varnish and put it in your garden.  

Project - Session 6

That's it for today guys.

Have a great day of Macbeth and learning

Love from

Miss Winter

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