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Oak - Tuesday with Lady Macbeth 30-06-2020

Good morning Oak,

How was your day yesterday?  It was windy wasn't it?  

Here goes with your blog for today;

Mental Health and Wellbeing Activity - Its puzzle day for Mental health today.  Have a go at a different kind of puzzle to last week. or or

Physical Activity - You could continue learning the new dance from yesterday or you could try some mindful meditation or better still...why not try a power walk around the garden.  This is where you walk fast with your arms doing as much work as your legs.  Keep it brisk and see how far you walk.

Maths - Calculating ratio today - Now some of you may have opted to do the alternative activities depending on your confidence level with ratio.  If you have I gave you all the links yesterday but here is today's lesson just in case.

ratio video -       

Work activity -     and the answers                        

alternative work -

English - Meet the characters Part 2

Lets meet Lady Macbeth.  Who is she? What does she want?

Watch - Meet the characters Part 2 

Do - Look at all the characters you have met (yesterday and today) I suggest you make a list of them all. Have a go at this activity activity.docx . It is a matching activity.

read - here is a little taster to get you ready to read the playscript tomorrow.


Afternoon Activities

Project - Session 6 today again.

Tags for the wooden heart - If you haven't nominated anyone to do your tag can you do this first thing this morning so that the children in school can get on a do them today? Thank you 

I think you should try and get out as much as possible Year 6. Fresh air is good for you.  We are going to have a go at stone painting today too.  Drawing UK wildlife onto pebbles we collected. When they are complete we will varnish them and put them in the plant pots we have in the new Prayer/Peace Garden.  Why not have a go at home!

Have another great day of learning Year 6

Love from 

Miss Winter

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