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Oak - Wednesday with the weird Sisters 01-06-20

Good morning Oak,

Who are the weird sisters?  That is the question but what is the answer? Don't forget to check out our school twitter page as there are lots of things on there for you to have a try at too and of course you can always do some of your own things if you have activities that you enjoy.

Mental Health and wellbeing activity - You are going to create a wish jar for the future...particularly for when lockdown is finished, but as Year 6 you can do yours for the rest of the year.  Where would you like to go?  Who would you wish to spend time with?  What would you like to do? 

Physical Activity  - set up that obstacle course you made last week but add something different- have a go or a couple of goes at finishing it and time yourself.  That should get the adrenalin pumping and set you up ready for the day.

Maths - Remember that you are either doing Ratio this week or the alternative lessons on co-ordinate grids and reflection etc.(link is on yesterday's and Monday's blog)

Using scale factors  video -    work activity - and the answers

English - For today you will need to have a copy of the script downloaded;

Watch - Clip 1 - The 'Weird Sisters'  -

Read - Scenes 1 to 3 of the playscript - paying close attention to the Weird Sisters. In this clip Macbeth and Banquo meet the sisters for the first time. 

Do - You are going to create a character Heirarchy - What that means is you are going to create a tree or diagram that shows who the most important characters are and their relationship to each other. This can look however you wish it to look.


Afternoon Activities - 

Project - Session 7 of the Transition Project - Go Big! You are Awesome  entitled What is Normal Anyway - In this session you will get to know that you make your own kind of normal and everyone has different ideas about what that is,

History - The Olympics - What was it like then and how is that different to how it is now?  For this you will need to research and create either a venn diagram or a chart where you can plot the similarities and differences.  Why not see if you can watch an example online.  BBC has lots of clips to watch. Ancient Greece Summer Unit(2).pptx This might help too.

Well that is it for today.  We would love to know what you are up to at home as always so keep us posted.

Have a great day of learning Oak Class

Love from 

Miss Winter and your classmates.

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