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Oak - Thursday with the Thane 02-07-20

Well hello there Oaksters,

How did you get on with yesterday's blog?  I would be interested to see if you did your memory jars, if you would care to share!

What is in store for you today? Let's see shall we?...

Mental Health and Wellbeing actiivty - last week your task was to write your memories of St. Leonards and this week I would like you to illustrate the memories you wrote about.  We are doing the same thing in school and it would be nice to collect them together so that I can share them with the school when we are allowed to gather together.

Physical Activity - your get-up-and-go suggestion for today is to choose a fitness program online and join in. I think we might do some PE with Jo Wickes.

Maths - Ratio and Proportion problems       or if you choose - The Alternative Lessons (see Monday's blog)

Video   Work Activity

and the answers

English - In English today I would like you to;

Watch - BBC Clip 2 - All Hail Macbeth, Thane of Cawdor! 

Read - Scene 4 of the playscript considering the language used.  What is happening?  Who is involved?

Do - I would like you to make notes as you read focussing on characters emotions and reactions to events. Summarise the events and the character's reactions in a chart or table of your choice.


Afternoon Activities - 

Project - Session 7 (see Wednesday's blog for the link) 

Geography - what can you learn about Temperate Forests?  Where are they located in the World?  What is a temperate forest? Y6 Biomes Sequence of Learning Slides(3).pptx 

Have a great day of learning.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Love from

Miss Winter and your classmates here in school

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