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Oak - Friday Daggers 03-07-2020

Good Morning Year 6,

Who likes Macbeth?  good, glad to hear it!

Mental Health and Wellbeing activiity - Select some peaceful and mindful music and for a short amount of time - I suggest 10 minutes - whilst doing some colouring. Maybe you could finish off any drawing or colouring that you started earlier in the week.

Physical Activity Suggestion - Today is see how many repetitive actions you can do.  You could bounce a ball with one hand, keepy-ups with a football, bounce on a lolo ball, hit a ball on a racket.  If at first you don't succeed then try, try, try again.

Maths:  Seeing as we have already done the IXL work for ratio and Proportion, today I would like you to either complete the alternative lessons for this week (given on Monday's blog) or take a look at the following links and see if there are things that you could do for revision and reinforcement. 

space sudoku

various games to reinforce - oh and of course...finish anything that you haven't completed this week :-))))

English - 

Watch - Clip 3 - Daggers for King Duncan!

Read -  Act 1 scene 5 of the script (link on previous blogs this week). When you read see if you can identify the similarities and differences between the script and the clip that you watched. You will need to watch Lady Macbeth really closely and read her words very carefully because...

Do - Today you are going to assume the persona of Lady Macbeth - in other words you are going to be Lady Macbeth.  You have received the letter from Macbeth (your husband)  and your mind is beginning to plan how you can encourage him that it is his destiny to become King of Scotland. I want you to write a diary entry as the Lady herself about the situation that she finds herself in.


Project - Please finish off both session 6 and session 7

Outside tasks - that includes; watering flowers (unless the rain does it for you), garden jobs, exercise

We have painted stones this week with UK wildlife and done a really good job.  I loved Lewis' picture frame that he made out of sticks and flowers last week.  You could do that too.  BE CREATIVE Year 6 and see what you can come up with.

That's it for today and for this week - the weather has not been the best this week but at school we have made the most of it and I hope you have too.  We miss you!

Have a great day of learning and a fabulous weekend Oaksters

Love from Miss Winter - some interesting colouring sheets if you have facilities for printing and want to do so or you could copy  and colour. You are Year 6 and I would expect some writing to go along with these! Just saying.

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