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Oak Monday 06-07-20

Good Morning Oak Class, 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  It is a massive time of change at the moment, isn't it? How are you feeling? Is there anything I can help with?  Lots of questions year 6 and I dare bet that you have quite a few about your next year ahead. Please make sure that you check out your designated school's website for transition ideas and information.

AS for your blog today; 

Mental Health and Wellbeing suggestion - 

Physical Activity - 

Maths - Slightly different this week folks, I am giving you the video links page for the week as well as the individual lessons each day. and today's lesson vertically opposite angles the work to do and the answers for today 

English - today's lesson is centred around video clip 4 entitiled All Hail, Macbeth, King of Scotland! Duncan's murder is discovered and Macbeth is crowned King. 

watch -

Read - reread the script to the point of Lady Macbeth receiving the letter from Macbeth. 

Do - play the part of either Banquo or Macbeth – In role explore what you have seen and share your reactions to the news that Macbeth is to be king. 


Afternoon activities;

Project - Session 8 today and tomorrow folks! I would take a good look at this session Year 6.  Its all about friendships.

That is it for today as far as activities to try , Year 6.  I really hope that you are gardening and drawing and making your own projects to do too.  I hope to see you next week at some point in some way. 

Have a great day of learning! remember to check out out twitter too (if you are on twitter)

Love from Miss Winter

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