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Oak Tuesday 07-07-20

Good Morning Oak Class,

Mental Health and Wellbeing suggestion -  Puzzle time.  Try something different today.  If you did a crossword last week then try a sudoku today. Mix it up a little...

 Physical Activity - It's time to Power Walk and get the blood pumping round your body and set you up for the day.

Maths - Lesson 2 - Angles in a triangle 

video -   activity -    and the answers -

English - A trap for Banquo

Watch - BBC clip 5 - 

Read - Act II, Scene 2 

Do - write a playscript of your own of the scene of Banquo's death from Banquo's point of view 


Afternoon activities - 

Project - session 8 

As well as this, you could do your own arts and crafts or start a Rainforest project using what you have learnt so far.  You could focus on the climate, animals or habitat within the rainforest.

Whatever you choose to do enjoy the weather if you can and have a great day of learning!

Love from your classmates and Miss Winter

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