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Oak Wednesday -08-07-20

Good Morning Oak Class,

Wow that rain was heavy yesterday afternoon wasn't it Year 6.  As you may have seen, we here at school. went dancing in the rain with Mrs Leathlean...well Ava and Seth mainly oh and Abi a little bit. So what are we doing today? Don't forget to share what you are doing!

Mental Health and Wellbeing suggestion - I want you to create a wish jar (it doesn't have to be a jar) of all the things you wish for the future - not just after Covid 19 I mean for your future in education. 

Physical Activity - Create an obstacle course that has a variety of activiites to complete. Time yourself doing it or even better get someone to video you.

Maths - Angles in quadrilaterals 

video -   activity - and the answers -

English -  BBC Clip 6 Something Wicked this way comes!

Watch  - clip 6 -

Read - Act IV Scene 1 - in this scene Macbeth returns to see the Weird Sisters (the Witches).  Focus on what Macbeth says.  Why is he returning to see them? What do they tell him? How does he react?  

Do - After answering the questions above I want you to write a newspaper report about the visit and what is said.  Remember how we set out a newspaper report.  What are the key features of a report?


Afternoon activities - 

Project - its the last session of your Go Big, You are Awesome! today - Don't worry if you are not on this far just catch up over the next few days!

Thats All Folks! 

Have a great day of learning and stay safe.

Love from Miss Winter and your classmates!

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