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Oak Thursday 09-07-20

Good Morning Oak Class,

Did you know that research shows children (that's you) thrive when they learn something new every day.  Yesterday, in school, we followed a couple of tutorials - learning how to draw a realistic eye, nose and mouth.  It was really quite good fun.  You could try that at home.  Here is the link that we used  You may have another site that you use and whatever you learn today is great, just try to make it something you didn't know before.

Mental Health and Wellbeing suggestion - Can you remember last week I asked you to create a little book of memories about St Leonard's and Year 6?  Well today I would like you to put some of those drawing skills to good use and illustrate your memories.

Physical Activity - What shall we do today?  It's 'keep fit online' day so you choose.  Jo Wickes? Oti Mabusi? Would love to see what you choose.

Maths - Angles in regular polygons 

Video -  your activity -  and the answers for you - of course you may choose to dip into the alternative lessons for this week

English - BBC Clips 7 - Preparing for Battle

Watch - Clip 7

Read - this section of the play.  

Do - Write a letter - in the role of Lady Macbeth-  to her husband, telling him how sorry you are for all that you have done and that you regret it.  Ask him to stop his reign of terror and tell all that they have done.

You will need to think carefully about the structure of a letter and ensure that you stay in role as Lady Macbeth.  Think about the language that you use as it needs to be as Shakespeare would have written it. 


Afternoon activities - 

Project - you should be up to Session 9 but do not worry if you aren't as you have the rest of this week and next to catch up.  It really is a worthwhile project to prepare you for transition to secondary school.  All of the sessions are on previous blogs and session 9 has been added here for you.

Remember to learn something new.  What can you learn about Rainforests?  

Have a great day of learning,

Love from your classmates and Miss Winter

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