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Oak Friday 10-07-20

Good Morning Oak Class,

Well it's the last day of the penultimate week of the school year.  It has been the strangest of years...especially the last 3 and a half months hasn't it.  Yesterday I waved goodbye to Lukas and Niamh.  It brought a tear to my eye I will admit.  So, What is in store for you today on the blog?  

Mental Health and Wellbeing suggestion - find some mindful music and just relax and listen for a while.  Try to empty your mind and just drift with the music. 

Physical Activity - its repetitive Friday - meaning find something that you can do over and over - keepy ups, bouncing a ball etc. Can you improve on last week.

Maths - You have the alternative lessons to do if you finished the weekly lessons or you can do TTRS, BBC bitesize to reinforce/consilodate or chanllenge in any of the areas we have covered this year.  Particularly focus on the areas that you feel unsure in.

English - Watch Clip 8 and any others that you haven't watched so far. BBC clips


Afternoon activities - 

Project - Time to catch up on all the sessions you have not covered and just so that you don't have to go looking I have put them all below.

Have a great day of learning Year 6 and a lovely weekend. SEE YOU ON MONDAY!!

Love Miss Winter

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