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Oak - Finale Monday 13-07-2020

Good Morning,

How was your weekend Oaksters?  Well this is your last week as Year 6 at St. Leonards... How are you feeling?  I am sad in a way, sad that we didn't get to do so many things together that we would have done but happy that you are all ready to go to Year 7 and start the new chapter of your lives. 

Your blogs this week will be shorter.  I am going to put some Maths on here, some English and some suggestions for craft ideas that you can do at home or in school.  You can, of course, catch up with any project sessions that you haven't done and any English clips that you haven't watched.  Visit AR and TTRS regularly to keep up with your reading and maths mental strategy skills.

Mental Health and Awareness suggestion - mindful colouring/drawing  You could try a mandala pattern. This site has some good ideas for mandala art. 

Physical Fitness - What will you do today?  A new TikTok dance?  or an obstacle course of your own making.  You choose this week but if you get stuck then why not look back at some of the ideas I have given you in past weeks?  

Maths - Nets of 3D shapes

video -

activity -

and the answers htItps://

English - I would like you to write a poem about leaving school/starting a new school/changes/end of primary school.  Your choice. Why not follow this link and read some online


Project - Plan a presentation for Year 5 preparing them for Year 6. You will be working on this all week so take your time!. You will need to think about all the things that you feel Year 5 should know to be ready for next school year.

Have a great day of learning Oaksters and don't forget to do some fun art and craft stuff too this week,  We are making pompoms at school!

Love Miss Winter and your classmates

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