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Oak - on the final straight 14-07-2020

Good Morning Oak Class,

How was your day yesterday?  Did you get through much on the blog? We spent some time outside which was nice.  

Your blog for today;

Mental Health and Wellbeing suggestion - Puzzle time

Physical Activity suggestion - Time for a power walk or a dance to a new tune, whatever you fancy really.

Maths - Circles

video -   

activity -

and the answers -

English - Plan and write a short story including a flashback. This can be about anything you wish.

Plan: use a story map to plan flashback story.

Write: use your map to write your story.

Edit & improve story

Present your story to someone in your bubble.

So yesterday you may have planned your presentation for Year 5 and today I would like you to start creating the presentation.  You can do this on powerpoint. 

Have a fun day all of you and I hope you enjoy the tasks.  If it is sunny go outside and do something out there.  Don't forget to visit AR and TTRS this week and in the holidays.

Love from 

Miss Winter and your classmates.

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